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24-hour pre-sales consultation

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Hand in hand with Fareast

to win the future

Training support

In view of all the problems of the platform in the use of the platform, with special training, quickly enhance the partner cloud platform application and service capabilities.

The technical expert team of Fareast FE-IU Industry Things Union Cloud platform will provide the whole process of technical support, development and maintenance service.

Technical support

Provide exclusive partners with business support including pre-sale technical support, joint marketing support, partner referrals.

Business support

Cooperative support




Exclusive agent of FE-IU cloud platform of things in each industry and area, obtain the full support of the market and technology, enjoy the supply cost alone.



Consultancy service provider and system integrator of Internet-of-Thing-related industry will provide a comprehensive solution to enhance the service value of the industry, with greater service value-added profit space.


Hardware equipment manufacturer or industrial equipment manufacturer in the field of the Internet of things, tailor-made solutions to enhance the functional value of hardware equipment, with greater equipment value-added profit space.

Rapid realization    

 The cooperation cost is low, the capital occupation is less, and the profit transformation is fast.

After-sale without worry

 Pre-sale and after-sale support, technical team guarantee.


Wide range of applications

The industry is general, free from secondary development, and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Simple and easy to use

Graphic operation, vivid and intuitive, easy to learn.

Hand in hand with Fareast to win the Future

Carry out the channel strategy of cooperation, opening and win-win actively, and help the partner to achieve self-interest