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Zhejiang Fareast Industrial Development Co., Ltd

Fareast is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, founded in 1993, its registered capital is 5.77 million US dollars. The company has been deeply engaged in industry-related industries for 25 years, relying on the intelligent manufacturing experience of company in nearly 10 years, laid a solid foundation for the development of Internet of things of Fareast.

Fareast has a complete-constructed technology research and development team and set up the Internet of Things R & D Innovation Center in Hangzhou. Combined with the R & D system and business needs of cross-strait, we should focus on building FE-IU things union cloud platform, and pay emphasis on the analysis of complex data related to people, things and objects, master the huge business value behind the data, and provide scientific data support for enterprise management. So that every enterprise can easily achieve digital transformation, initiate the "intelligent operation" mode of the future industry.

Adhering to the channel concept of "working together for win-win future" and "localization of technical services", Fareast actively implements the channel strategy of cooperation, openness and win-win cooperation, as well as helps the partners to achieve self-achievement for the purpose of achieving win-win with partners.

About Us

Innovative technology Sharing data.

Create platform for employees; Create value for customers; Create wealth for society.

Borderless, efficiency, sustainability; To enhance industrial data value through science and innovation.

To become one of the best enterprises in the information market, and continue to promote the operation of the company, to maintain the vitality of start-ups.

Our Mission

Company Culture

People——Oriented Gratitude



Corporate Vision

Provide innovative value, dream and opportunity for shareholders, customers, employees and business partners.

Become the most valuable, the strongest technology, the most comprehensive, the most accurate data asset management enterprises.


Zhejiang Fareast Industrial Development Co., Ltd. established, developed and constructed Fareast industrial city.


Established  Che Wang Electronics (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. (Taiwan listed Company)


Established Taiwan compatriots Investment Enterprises Association in Ningbo.(the first Taiwan Business Association in Zhejiang Province)


Completed completion of Fareast Industrial City.


Started up Group Intelligent Industry


Started up the domestic market of Intelligent Industry


Visualized Intelligent Manufacturing products launched


Established Hangzhou Intelligent Research

and Development Center