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24-hour pre-sales consultation

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Hand in hand with Fareast to win the future

Training support
  • 远东

    Concept training

    Fareast will provide comprehensive basic knowledge training of the Internet of Things industry, so that every customer knows what it is and why it is, so that you can really stand in the Internet of Things industry tuyere and gain a leading position.

  • 远东

    Product training

    For the maintenance and operation of Fareast FE-IU Industrial Things United Cloud platform, professional engineers will provide you with training of use skills so that you can learn to apply the platform in the shortest possible time and provide excellent service to your customers.

  • 远东

    After-sale training

    Equipped with professional after-sales service personnel docking platform after-sale issues, solve after-sale questions and failures at the first time, become the reliable backing of each partner.

Technical support
  • 远东

    Development support

    Fareast not only has a development scheme of general technology of Internet of Things, but also can customize scheme of Internet of things development combined with specific Industry, widely adapted and flexible.

  • 远东

    Maintenance support

    Professional technical team real-time monitoring system megadata, solve the system operation problems at the first time, to ensure the smooth operation of the platform.

  • 远东

    Upgrade support

    According to the new trend of industry development and the new needs of customers, we innovate the Internet of things platform technology, through continuous technology upgrades, so that our customers will always enjoy the top level of Internet of things cloud services.

Business support

  • 远东

    Pre-sale support

    Equipped with professional pre-sale technical engineer, understand customers’ needs, answer customers’ questions, tailor-made the most suitable solution for each customer.

  • 远东

    Marketing support

    Fareast is willing to cooperate and realize resource complimentary with every customer, so that to enhance market development, penetration and competitiveness, to create a win-win joint marketing model.

  • 远东

    Cooperative referral

    Fareast has a sea of customer reverse Internet-of-Thing-related industries, is willing to share customer resources with partners, establish mutual help, mutual assistance, and mutual recommendation of customer resources network.

Adhering to the channel concept of "working together for win-win future" and "localization of technical services", Fareast actively implements the channel strategy of cooperation, openness and win-win cooperation, as well as helps the partners to achieve self-achievement for the purpose of achieving win-win with partners.