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FE-IU Enterprise Data Bank

The Far East FE-IU Enterprise Data Bank is committed to providing management and value-added services for integrated data on enterprise personnel, affairs, and things. It has an insight into the great business value behind the data, provides a platform for the enterprise data in an orderly, useful and beneficial manner.

Quick data access and transmission improves internal communication within the enterprise, quickly acquiring target data to form a large database.

Data acquisition

Analysis results of big data are presented in front of you by concrete and visible images, which are vivid and visualized to understand at a glance.

Data presentation

Data application

It has an insight into the great business value behind the data and provides scientific evidence for data decision-making of business management.

It provides self-service solutions for various enterprises in different industries. Enterprises can choose suitable services for them based on their own requirements. In this way, each enterprise will take the initiative in digital transformation and make decisions by themselves.

Enterprises master the digital transformation

Enterprises can get rid of complex data parameter setting, as all the functional elements can be presented visually and data analysis can be carried out simply by dragging, pulling and hauling, which is easily to understand and ready to be used.

Simplified Interoperability

It has established a management mode with one platform for personnel, affairs, and things, which realizes the renovation in three core engines for enterprise development. It provides capitalization management services for enterprise's lifecycle data, realizing digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises.

Capitalization of enterprise data

Connect all walks of life

Quick applications in different industries can be achieved through simple, convenient, and quick building of Internet of Things solutions.

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