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Post requirements for senior front-end development engineers

Work content:

Responsible for front-end framework design and front-end page development of platform products; develop front-end standards and specifications, and promote modularization and modularity of front-end products.

Responsible for the development of mobile HTML5 and hybrid applications;

Responsible for product performance and experience optimization; Deeply analyze and solve the problems of technology, performance and cross-terminal compatibility encountered by the front end.

Work with background team to discuss technical implementation scheme, integrate application and system.

Participate in the related discussions about product demand and R & D design, from the view of front-end design to improve the usage of products and aesthetic requirements;

Maintain good communication with background technology development department and complete specific development work.

Job Requirements:

Major in computer science, bachelor degree or above, more than 4 years working experience, online finished product display;

Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, master front-end MVC framework such as AngularJS/Backboard/React; master the technology stack development of vuejs/vuer/vue and the use of Webpack build tool and have practical project development experience;

Familiar with hybrid application development or mobile page development, have certain sensitivity to UI/UE;

Good communication and expression, adept at team work, basic business analysis skills.

Familiar with applet rules, development process, API, etc., have successful online products;

Proficient in the use of JavaScript, have in-depth understanding of action scope,closure, ES6 new syntax, front-end modularization and component of JavaScript;

Proficient in nodejs, has experience in front-end compilation, deployment and packaging, etc. , familiar with SVN common operation commands;

Docking with the back-end interface, has a certain ability of access to and out of the interface , and proficient in the use of axios interface data calls;

Application process and needs

First of all, please pay attention to the above recruitment information to see if you have the right position. Read the job requirements in detail and send us your resume and related works. We will arrange a special person to review your application emails. Through the screening of resumes, enter the following process. “Interview/Re-examination” Confirmation of the entry time “Reporting”

Salary requirements: Please write or negotiable in the email (80% of the trial period).

Trial period: 3 months

Working hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00-12:00 am, 13:00-18:00 pm

Interested parties please send resumes, works and recent photos to