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Fareast things union cloud platform

Fareast FE-IU Industrial Things United Cloud platform pays attention to the core values of the three dimensions of entrepreneur, things, and object. Based on the extensive access ability of industrial equipment and system, the automatic office system and customer relationship management system are integrated to fully excavate the inherent value of enterprise complex big data and capitalize the enterprise data. Improve the efficiency of enterprise production management, reduce enterprise energy consumption and cost, promote the transformation of enterprises to data, intelligent future enterprise form.

Rapid acquisition of Enterprise’s massive data

Data uploaded to the public cloud, provided by cloud service providers

The cloud platform analyzes and processes the data and presents it

Develop solutions based on data analysis results

Data uploaded to private cloud, enterprise-specific cloud service


Equipment monitoring and maintenance

Provide the whole life cycle management services of the equipment, and to analyze big data throughout the whole process of equipment manufacture, monitor the running state of the equipment, diagnose the fault of the equipment, generate the forecast and early warning information, remote maintenance and management, reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and improve the production efficiency of the factory.

Human resource management

Provide automated office system and human resource data analysis system, optimize the organizational management structure, enhance the ability of the organization to work together, analyse employee’s performance objectively, improve the overall office efficiency of the enterprise through digital office mode.

Business analysis operation

Provide customer with information management service to improve service quality for customer; Feedback equipment Fault Information in Real time to improve satisfaction of after-sales Service; Monitor industry data, analyze business status, provide business decision-making basis, improve business conversion rate.

Self-built solution

To provide a complete industrial Internet application ecosystem, customers can quickly build the required industry solutions according to their own industry characteristics, to achieve the retrieval, design, release and use of different industry applications.

Platform function

Fast access

Perfect interconnection access standard, support for 2G 3G 4G, LoRa, WiFi, ZigBee, NBIOT, Modbus, MQTT, OC, TCP and other fast connections, support a wide range of equipment access capabilities through container technology and plug-in technology.

Rapid analysis

Based on Spark and other technologies, the real-time, offline processing and intelligent analysis of massive data are realized, the expert database is constructed, and the intelligent analysis of massive data is enriched constantly.

Fast operation

Through the analysis and processing of FE-IU cloud platform, enterprise complex big data has insight into the great value behind the data, vividly and intuitively displays the analysis results, so as to provide scientific data decision-making basis for enterprise management in various industries.

Rapid application

The plug-in center is constructed by using micro-service, container and other technologies to realize the retrieval, design, publishing and use of applications in different industries, so as to help users build application schemes quickly.

Platform features

Extensive access

Allows for a wide range of device access capabilities, it can directly connect to different protocols of devices, and can also connect to data through Gateway, third-party system integration (DCS, MES, SCADA, ERP,  CRM, etc.), third-party M2M cloud, open API and other connections.

Multidimensional storage

Store and associate 3D data of "person, system, connection object". The platform can support the expansion requirements of millions of devices, and provide connection, storage, analysis, execution and collaboration functions to achieve the comprehensive data management of M2M, M2C, M2H.

Safe and reliable

It provides secure access, secure transmission, encrypted storage, redundant backup, data access according to authority, functional authorization, secure login and other mechanisms to achieve multi-layer protection of data and build a secure and reliable environment for data.

Intelligence engine

Allow users to customize alarm, forecast and early warning, associated alarm, event trigger and other rules, to achieve intelligent equipment service management.

Easy modeling

It is an end-to-end application program modeling environment that enables you to easily model objects, topology logic, data analysis, service flow, and Dashboard required for connected intelligent devices and applications.

Custom view

Realize the custom and self-organization function of customer business display through a variety of view tools, such as Dashboard designer, view designer, configuration designer, report designer and so on.

Industrial search

It can provide a search for the world which composed of intelligently connected devices and distributed data, and can return to related collaborative data, business line system records and device data with only one search, thus fuels the pace of problem solving.

Remote man-machine cooperation

“People, systems and connection objects” can be dynamically connected, and real-time collaborative sessions, VR technologies can be used to help individuals or teams solve problems more quickly. The system will automatically capture the collective knowledge that appears in the process, build a knowledge base, and at the same time provide a concise work order service process.

Multi-tenant Services

To provide multi-tenant cloud services, different enterprise users can build private things union services to achieve self-service, self-construction capabilities.

Check the state of production line, environmental data, equipment information, GIS distribution, etc. in an all-round way, and master the overall situation of the monitoring information.

Intelligent war room

Equipment management / monitoring

Equipment monitoring data in real-time, when data reach the alarm threshold it can instantly alarm and accurately send message to the relevant managers. Managers can quickly locate and process related equipment to reduce equipment failure rate.

Data analysis

The historical data can be traced back, and the analysis results of equipment running status, equipment energy consumption, equipment shutdown and fault report can be obtained by analyzing the historical data, and the visualization of the data analysis results can be realized.

Interface free control


Provide a wealth of data presentation application modules, powerful visual chart components, users can drag to create war spectaculars, equipment real-time data charts, all kinds of analysis curves and so on.

Cloud configuration design

The managers can configure the business configuration settings of the gateways on the platform, the assigned gateways will be automatically updated, new applications will be formed after installation, and the business value will be expanded.

Process editor

The business process can be set up in advance in the way of graphics, and the process modification, dynamic addition of attributes, short message, mail and other notifications can be supported, and the complex task execution logic can be realized according to different production needs and time nodes.

Plug-in center

Bring together the solutions of the cloud application in various industries, including: operation overview, equipment monitoring, environmental data monitoring and other elements, to provide users with the ability to quickly build the cloud application, instead of secondary development.

Platform interface

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